Why YOU Need a Water Filter

When you think of drinking water, you automatically think of tap water. This is because in Singapore we are lucky that the water coming out of the taps is good enough for us to consume. Despite this, there are still a few concerns when it comes to tap water. One is the way tap water tastes and what is actually in tap water.

Filtering water however not only mitigates these concerns, it also has many benefits. Using the Watch Water Filter, you can actually see the difference between filtered and unfiltered water. Watch Water’s water filter is made by a German Company. It is simple but yet powerful. Continue reading if you want to know what the advantages of having a water filter are!

Alkaline Water

 This means the pH of water is 7.2-7.5 approximately. Hence, it neutralizes the acid in your body. This results in an improvement in your metabolism and energy levels. It is also believed that alkaline water has anti-ageing properties.

Hard to Soft

You will have softer, cleaner skin and smoother hair. Your house will generally be cleaner when compared to using hard water. There will be no soap scum on your bathroom tiles as well and cleaning becomes a whole lot easier.

Taste of Beverage + Improves Heart Beat 

Using Watch Water’s filter results in more magnesium in water which means you will receive better tasting water. As a result, your beverages like coffee and tea will be more tasty. In addition, magnesium enhances the strength of your heartbeat.

Cleaner Water

The Watch Water filter removes any contaminants in the water like heavy metals, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, pesticide, herbicide and solvents. The water also has a higher content of dissolved oxygen making it a natural antioxidant.


There is no waste water generated at all. Furthermore, having a water filter in your house means you would not have to buy bottled water which in turns helps to save the environment.