Simple Yoga to have a Healthy Heart

Simple Yoga to have a Healthy Heart

Talking of the current age, heart diseases hit the highest point and that is primarily because of the indecent lifestyle, flawed diet and negative vibes around. Yes, it is not merely the food affecting your health but the negative thoughts also do the same black magic. A study revealed that men are more prone to heart diseases when they get to 45 than women who step into this danger zone after their 55. However, undressing the brighter part of the day and to hop down the downbeat vibe, we will be revealing simple yoga techniques that can save you up from such a dark part.

Yes, yoga is not all about relaxing and stretching in a lawn or on a mat in your cozy gym. Yoga, as a matter of fact, despite to be considered as a practice of getting your posture right, can be employed in calming down the factors affecting your heart, such as, cholesterol, irregular respiratory system, anxiety, negative thoughts, and so on. Though, we will be going through some important and effective yoga postures or asanas to well tune our heart so to expect a healthy heart.


It is basically a pranayama technique which requires the performer to have speedy breathing while controlling the movement of diaphragm, which is a membrane separating abdomen from chest. This yoga technique enables you to consume higher oxygen in a shorter time. Poles apart, it also boosts the blood flow to reach cardiovascular muscles and hence, performer of this asana can expect for healthy heart and can get rid of most of the heart related maladies.


Tadasana is also tagged as the foundation of all asanas as it is a standing posture. The posture requires the yogi (performer) to touch the heels and big toes to each other while keeping the weight balanced evenly. In essence, Tadasana posture or asana thickens calf muscles, kneecaps, thighs and hips.


This is also known as locust pose and very friendly to heart. This particular posture has many advantages as it strengthening the muscles of the upper legs and lower back. Furthermore, it also stimulates the stomach and intestines in relieving gastrointestinal gas and enhances the bladder.


Unlike abovementioned asanas, Bitilasana or the cow posture is the easiest technique you can do. This yoga posture in actual fact helps to make the heart healthy. It also helps stretching the torso and back with aim to release tension from stomach and groins.

There are quite plentiful of asanas or postures carried to release tensions from body organs and therefore, bless one to have a healthy heart and life. For having so much of benefits, this is the reason why cardiologists all over the world suggest to their patients to have yoga in their schedule so to beat the heart related diseases effectively.