How Technology Affects Your Teenagers’ Behavior

How Technology Affects Your Teenagers’ Behavior

It is true that in this age, technology is playing a helpful role in improving the education; while on the other hand, it can reasonably be damaging the health of teens in many easy. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor your teenagers’ use of technology so to make sure the same is not overused. For a matter of fact, overuse of technology by the teenagers affects their health in many ways, particularly in the following conduct.

Weight Gain

Technology has a way of taking away physical activity amongst the teenagers, and it may show in teens’ health. One study found that excessive screen time, be it in front of TV, Laptop/Computer or handheld device, is accompanied with larger waists in adolescents. It was indicated in a research study that each hour spend while seeing a TV or playing video games, a child’s obesity risk doubles. So, instead of sticking up with the technologies, encourage your teenagers for outdoor activities as it is can literally improve every aspect of someone’s health.

Sign of Loneliness or Inferiority

Technology has a way of stimulating anxiety in real time, simply with a scroll through a newsfeed. A research in 2014 found that too much of Facebook use may be a sign of isolation. It is the not the mere dark side but it was also found through a research study that excessive use of prevalent social media websites can make people, particularly teenagers, feel gloomier and less fulfilled with their lifetime. This, in another way, also makes feel them inferior against the viral and fanciers users on the social websites.

Social Comparison

As stated earlier, research also displayed the cause why teenagers feel so bad and gloomy because when they spent time on social media websites, an unconscious process starts to appear called social comparison, which results in stacking up their own life in contradiction with someone else’s. This can lead the user feeling less contented with their life and eventually fall prey to poor standard of lifestyle.

Multitasking Seems Super Tempting

The recent common sense media survey also reveals an increasing inclination with act of multitasking, saying many young adults felt comfortable engaging with numerous tech modes while doing their schoolwork. Studies illustrate that multitasking can shambles a person’s productivity on tasks in the long run.


Excessive technology use by students may also lift test marks. A recent study from the London School of Economics revealed that students saw extraordinary enhancement in test grades after smart phones were forbidden from the classroom.

As stated earlier in the lines, technology has its own pros and cons, if used watchfully. Mindful use of technology is possible, and perhaps undoubtedly the most effective cure when it comes to screens’ negative effect on well-being just like with most of the things, moderation is vital. The body and brain health of your teenagers rests on it and therefore, it should not be taken for granted.