5 Habits to Avoid for a Healthy Life

5 Habits to Avoid for a Healthy Life

If you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are certain habits you want to avoid.  As a side note, the habits stated below do not have instantaneous affect on your health. When practiced in moderation, the habits will not be detriment to your health but it is good to know which habits may affect your health negatively.

1. Excessive Drinking
Heavy drinking takes a toll on the liver and can lead to a variety of health problems like liver diseases and even cancer. Furthermore excessive drinking severely dehydrates your body and affects the functions of your brain. While a couple of drinks are actually good for you, moderation is always key!

2. Smoking
Smoking results in many health problems like cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, and heart diseases. It also causes your breath to smell, your teeth to decay and turn yellow and ages you. This habit unfortunately is straight-out unhealthy and has zero benefits. Not only will it affect your health, it affects the health of everyone around you.

3. Being Lazy
Sitting in the same position for long periods of time could be another contributing factor to an unhealthy lifestyle. It is common to feel lazy after a long, hard day at work and it is okay to want to rest. It is also common to not want to leave your seat, especially if it is a very comfortable seat! It is also easy to spend your time off in bed reading or watching television. While it is important to rest, you sometimes can rest too much. Simple things like going for a walk, standing at your desk and stretching your muscles will make a big difference to your body.

4.Skipping Breakfast
Sometimes, in a bid to sleep for an extra 15 minutes, it is easy to skip breakfast. While it might not seem like a big deal, many experts agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Not only will it make you feel lethargic in the morning, you will tend to overeat at lunch making you not as focused at work after lunch. It also slows down your metabolism as your body is at peak metabolic activity in the morning.

Stress is something that is inevitable in everyone’s lives. Sometimes however, it could be one of the reasons why your health is affected. When you react to something stressful, your body release adrenaline that affects your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Constant stress might result in health problems. Furthermore, some people tend to eat unhealthily during periods of stress. While it is not easy to get rid of stress, there are things you can do to control how stressed you feel. It is important to maintain a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables. Exercise releases endorphins aka the happy hormones so in periods of stress, make sure you do not skip on the exercise!